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Zhang Jian Cup 2008 China International Home Textiles Design Competition

Date:2008年9月29日 17:26
        International Design Competition award-winning, September 23, 2008 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province recently concluded Jian Cup "2008 China International Home Textiles Design Competition," the awards ceremony, our company independent innovation, research and development of new varieties of "Spring intoxicated" A0626 single piece jacquard towels, towel product design was awarded the top prize - Silver; "Cotton Color" D08-10 jacquard towel sets won a bronze medal, winning the level of towels ranked first in the industry. This is my company following the 2006 China International Home Textiles Design Competition "Peace sticks" D05-23 won the silver jacquard towel sets again after honors. From domestic and foreign professors and academic institutions, senior industry experts for a total of nine expert judges, after the vote, comment, agreed that the entry of these two company products have a strong design sense and sense of innovation with Chinese vision and sense of the times, art and technology, the perfect combination of material represents the products of the highest in our current design standards in a towel. In addition, the company product development director of the Center Songtao Rong won the title of outstanding textile design. This acquisition is in the country winning towel industry in the most difficult situation, my company staff, united as one, against the current, eliminate interference, forge ahead, R & D of new varieties of best performance, but also has special meaning.

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