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Concerned about consumer demand to do product development to enhance information exchange

Date:2011年1月10日 18:19

  As we all know, the product is an essential element of market operations, and product development company is Yuntao firmly grasp and focus on areas of concern. R & D department and the relationship between the market can not be ignored, especially the relationship with end users. However, the best understanding of end users than dealers around the market more thoroughly than we understand more deeply. Therefore, awareness is reflected in the product design is also more sensitive, more accurate and more instructive. In this regard worth between designers and distributors to further strengthen exchanges, enhance market information sharing. France's former general manager of cloth Sze Nga Jacques once said something very classic, he said: "Many of the world's inventions were inspired by the market staff, and then through the wisdom of the designer to improve and create a new generation products. "Through this exchange, will allow us to update and design concepts from this and the consumers a feeling. This launch will have the same understanding of things, will be widely recognized and accepted.

  Dealer with you how to strengthen cooperation in product development, R & D department is the focus of the work. Before that, we work with individual dealers in the product development has had several tentative cooperation. Products developed with several towels, not only in their markets and by consumers in other markets in the country have different levels of access to a good sales volume. Therefore, we very much hope to have more dealers added to this range, the design of different styles, features and can be large consumers like the towel. And very much hope that in future new products, sold in the market, towel products, skin-friendly Yuntao top friends are all of you dealers design in flash, this is a very meaningful thing.

  The research and development of products is divided into five series:

1, China Wind Series

2, the simple life series

3, fashion sports series

4, the auspicious Year of the Rabbit series of cute animals

  In order to make better product research and development, R & D center in the future we will be following aspects of work accordingly:

  First, strengthen communication with you dealer. We approached the market, face the terminal, in-depth interviews rather than kick the tires. To fully and correctly grasp the needs of the domestic market and even the potential demand.

  Second, you strengthen and expand cooperation in the design of dealers.

  Third, based on the product's market positioning for product innovation, the product of the flower, color, features combine to make the consumer launch of the product can move to promote the desire of consumers to buy.

  Fourth, the product on the market, listened carefully to the views of customers, seeking to improve the elements in order to truly make our products to adapt to dominate the market.

  Fifth, strengthen cooperation in the use of new materials and research company has developed Yuntao: linen, Apocynum, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, cotton, corn fiber, bamboo fiber towels and other materials, new products, most of the production and has been on the market. Will further strengthen the exploration of new materials and applications, create a new concept for consumers towel products.

    In short, we will be in product development and listen to win, R & D centers in: research the market ---> product development ---> and then research the market ---> and then the path of continuous product development novelty, refinement, change. Makes Yuntao products fully adapt to the market. But also from a market demand to create market demand changes.

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