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Century Hotel in Zibo of Commerce Annual Meeting held in the market

Date:2011年1月10日 18:19

   January 8, 2011,Century Hotel in Zibo success of "skin-friendly towel Shandong Yuntao Business 2011 Annual Meeting", the theme is "optimize the market, cooperation and win-win." Representatives from dealers across the country gathered together to inventory just past the results of bilateral cooperation in 2010, and carefully planning the development of bilateral cooperation in 2011, the direction and focus. The meeting first made by the Chairman Zhang respect for the market in 2010 and 2011 annual summary of market planning and market support policies report, highlighting key market focus about to do and focus on key customers to do the basic ideas, all the delegates to the meeting are very much a sense of interest, all of the specific issues for a detailed cooperation plan, and achieved very good results. Followed by the assistant manager of the company R & D Center Director Song Tao to the guests to do a "consumer demands attention and do product research and development work" report and proofs of some products and some products for the views of the delegates. Again carried out the 2010 award in recognition of outstanding dealers. Finally, end-market experts from China Guo made a "joint business development, strengthen terminal management," the special report. Chamber of Commerce representatives on the all the arrangements this year, especially the new sample and market development planning and support policies of praise, gave a high evaluation, rushed the signing of a market in Shandong Yuntao cooperation contract in 2011.


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