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Environmentally friendly products through the identification of skin-friendly sleep blanket

Date:2009年6月5日 14:16
   Recently, Yuntao Textiles Co., Ltd. Zibo, Shandong Yuntao Textile Co., Ltd developed the "skin-friendly sleep environment-friendly biodegradable carpet products" by the Shandong provincial identification.
        Identification Committee agreed that the project selection Apocynum and cotton blended yarn and other natural fibers, biodegradable environmentally friendly design and development of skin-friendly sleep blanket products, eliminating the need for dyeing, printing and other processes, reduce waste emissions and achieve cleaner production. Product design, innovation and strong. Style for the product characteristics of Apocynum / cotton blended fabric treatment process to optimize the combination with biological treatment processes, removes impurities on the fiber, reducing the hairiness, and enhance the product water absorption, improved feel, improved Rob linen / cotton blend blanket series of skin-friendly sleep product performance, ensure that the product style. Textile products by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Fiber Inspection Bureau of Shandong Province testing products meet GB18401-2003 (B class), FZ/T62006-2004 such standards, the product has reached domestic leading level.

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