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2009 Yuntao on "innovation, innovation " in recognition of the notice

Date:2010年2月5日 13:57
  February 1, 2010, Shandong Textile Co., Ltd. held Yuntao 2009 Yuntao "innovation, innovation" in recognition of the Assembly, presided over by the Managing Director Lin Yong, Zhang respect for the chairman of the board made an important speech, while in 2009 the General Assembly recognition awards year, in the technological transformation, technological innovation, energy saving tap the potential to reduce the occupancy, speed up the flow, increase revenue and so a total of 52 innovation, product quality, production costs, economic efficiency was further optimized.   Apocynum R & D new products, untwisted multi jacquard products to fill gaps in the market; rapier electrical transformation; the active promotion of new textile materials, and so in this alumni list.
  Zhang also raised the same time in 2010, chairman of "innovation, innovation" the new policy: a summary from one year to January awards ceremony in recognition of greatly stimulate Yuntao employees in 2010, "innovation, innovation" enthusiasm.

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