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Yuntao skin-friendly towel market awards ceremony held meetings in 2010

Date:2011年1月6日 18:18

  January 5, 2010, Shandong Yuntao Textile Co., Ltd. was held in the company conference room in recognition of the market in 2010 concluded conference theme of "intensive optimization market. " Meeting was attended by company leaders and domestic ministries, departments and all those who export. The meeting began by the market manager of sales for 2010 were made ​​a real summary of the work and the market going in 2011, and in 2010 the market has made outstanding achievements in the management of the marketing manager was awarded. Secondly, according to the company's marketing plan sales target for 2011 signed letters of responsibility. Finally, the company chairman Zhang respect to market development plan in 2011 made ​​a detailed interpretation and focused on market ministries put forward specific requirements.

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