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Yuntao companies work together to drive large high-income employees

Date:2010年8月16日 10:39
  July, summer, hot,, Yuntao company site also with the weather as the work of staff enthusiasm. Organized and orderly throughout the production process, in order. Employees were all full of energy, emotions were running exciting and energetic.   Before the arrival of summer, the company modified to improve the working environment of the shop workers ventilation. In response to hot weather, the company prepared a green bean soup, ice cream, summer cooling Huoxiangzhengqi water supplies, the company is as humane management, full over the first half year the company completed the development of the objectives of the mission.
  Since 2009, the company significantly increased several times the wages of workers, especially front-line workers wages. June 2010 to loom Tenders, for example, the company issued for the completion of production targets, in the hot summer weather, the two machines from their voluntary, cross-platform that 4-5 units, overtime, workers Zhangao Wen, not afraid hot, fully complete the objectives and tasks assigned by the company, employees high work ethic, in exchange for a substantial reward. Part of the Tenders than 3,000 yuan.
  Particularly since the financial crisis in 2008, faced with cut-off closure of many textile companies, corporate layoffs and pay cuts a large number of the grim situation, consistent across the company together, ride out the storm, rising labor costs in overcoming the enormous pressure, to ensure the timely and full payment of wages and benefits.
  Company's current production, a new breakthrough in sales, steadily, in the current situation, Yuntao is orderly entering a new phase of growth, I believe Yuntao more brilliant tomorrow!

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